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The current DPC Act focuses on drugs, of which only seven out of 169 relate to cosmetics. 
Imported cosmetic products, such as artificial nails, hair styling glue, some straight hair products, artificial eyelashes, etc., are about to be classified as cosmetics. 
China's per capita spending on personal care products is rising, and the market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of more than 18 per cent over the next few years. 

While the Indian beauty and cosmetics market is booming as a result of growing demand for personal care products from young people, the industry is largely in a vacuum in terms of regulation and safety, raising concerns among public health advocates. 

At present, most personal care products, including hair care, skin care, bath and shower products, make-up and colors, perfumes and deodorants, are regulated by the drugs and Cosmetics Act. According to industry experts, these rules are absolutely not enough. 

As a result-a large number of products, many of which contain potentially toxic chemicals, are sold on the market without any regulatory supervision. 

Lack of regulation. 

As the Drug and Drug Administration Act focuses on drug treatment, new regulations have been proposed. Only seven of the 169 articles of the current bill deal with cosmetics.In the absence of separate regulations, the safety of many cosmetics sold in the domestic market now depends on the judgment of manufacturers and importers. 

Kelly Jenna (Kylie Jenner), already involved in cosmetics and skin care, has not slowed down.The 21-year-old tycoon is reportedly expanding her empire by launching a line of fingernails and perfume. 

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Kelly is reported to have recently registered a trademark with her Kylie Cosmetics Company and has produced a large number of nail care products, including nail polish remover, nail reinforcer, nail care preparation and nail polish. Because long nails are an integral part of Kelly's look, the fashion tycoon has also launched a range of artificial nails and artificial nail care products. Perfume and perfume are also coming out. 

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said this should not happen. 

One of the people who encountered problems at the polling station was EFF leader Julius Malema (Julius Malema) 's wife Mantawa (Mantwa). 

The couple, together with Malema's aunt and grandmother, went to Mponegele Elementary School in Seshego, Limpopo, to vote. 

"an official told my wife to cut off her nails so they could leave a mark on her thumb. I feel really weird. Where is there a rule that women with long nails are not allowed to vote? " Malema said. 

"fortunately, an election official came and said there was no such thing at all. She could vote with her [artificial] fingernails. But the marking man had a pair of scissors, which she used to cut her nails. 

"next they will say that women have to take off their veils because they want to see them when they look at their ID cards. This crap. It starts in a small place, and it's institutionalized before you realize it. It must be challenged now, "Malema said." 

Although Mantawa was able to vote, the Independent Election Commission tweeted that people with fake fingernails could also vote, but some were shut out. 

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In Soweto, Bongiwe Sithole was told to remove her artificial fingernails before voting.She insisted on seeing the director of the TV station and was finally allowed to vote. But voters like Bianca Smith are not so lucky. She was rejected at a polling station in Belleville, Cape Town, and was told to remove her artificial fingernails before voting. 

You inhale the smell of toxic odors every day, constantly scraping your nails, and brushing allylic acid countless times while sitting may be over! A popular manicure technique swept through nail salons: dipping powder. If you often go to nail salons, you may notice a manicure technology called SNS (signature manicure system), which is a popular manicure powder. 

"it's a natural powder," said Steve van, a manicurist at the JQ nail salon. "you can dip your nails in and it will come out no matter what color you choose." "Dipping powder is healthier because it contains vitamins and calcium." 

When using SNS or other dipping powder, the manicurist will first brush a gelatinous base on the nails, then dip each nail in a layer of powder, and then apply a layer of topcoat.This rustless and odorless powder can dry immediately without ultraviolet rays and can last 24 days or more. 

During the removal process, SNS recommends polishing the gloss of the gel surface, then soaking the nails with acetone-containing foil or acetone for 10 minutes, and finally drying them with a paper towel. This is a process similar to the removal of ordinary gel manicures.). 

There are other color brands on the market-OPI even has its own production line-but SNS has more than 400 colors and is popular in nail salons. Fan said,

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