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The next time you stare at the nail polish on the wall in a local nail salon, ignore the gray and crimson shadows. Summer is coming, and interesting manicure arts are needed at this time of year, such as electric yellow, Barbie pink and crisp white. We collected the best summer manicure gels from the most talented manicurists on Instagram. 

Taylor Swift rushed into her mother's kitchen in Nashville, smiling and looking a lot like Taylor Swift. Red lips, classic? "I need someone to dye my hair pink," she said. " After a while, the ends of her hair went well with shiny nail polish, sneakers and stripes on buttons. All this is consistent with the soft aesthetics of her new album "Lover"; Black Leather Battle-Taylor has returned the phone from her last album cycle. Around the black granite kitchen island, everything was calm and normal, and Swift's mother, father and brother all passed by. Her mother's two dogs, one small and the other big, rushed merrily at the tourists. This could be a chance for any 29-year-old girl to visit her parents over the weekend, if not for the crazy sight looming a few feet down the hallway. 

On a ventilated balcony, 113 dazzling, crying, trembling, still unbelievable fans are waiting for Swift's secret meeting to begin, Swift's sacred ritual. She will play her unreleased seventh album this Sunday afternoon in early August and make a wealth of comments. She made cookies. Before the meeting, Swift sat in her mother's study (where, according to her daughter, she "operated Google") and talked for a few minutes. The black-walled room was decorated with black and white classical rock photos, including pictures of Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen) and James Taylor (James Taylor). Recently, Swift also took pictures with Chris Christophersen (Kris Kristofferson) and worked with her mother's favorite band, Def Leppard. 

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In the corner was a teenage soundtrack guitar.She almost certainly wrote some famous songs, but she can't remember which one. She smiled and said, "finish a song and say, 'this moment, I'll remember it. "'this guitar is painted with my sacred blessing!'" 

The secret meeting itself, as its name implies, is private; what is certain is that she drank some white wine because her glass appeared in some Instagram photos. She stayed until 5: 00 in the morning. , chat and take pictures with every fan. Five hours later, we continued a long conversation in Swift's Nashville apartment, almost exactly the same place we interviewed the cover story of Rolling Stone magazine in 2012. In the past seven years, she has hardly changed its bizarre decorations (one of the added items is a billiard table instead of the sofa we sat on last time), so it is an old-fashioned Taylor time capsule. There was also a big rabbit made of moss in the corner, and a life-size birdcage in the living room, but from the latter, we now saw an ordinary new apartment building, not a distant Castle Peak. Swift is now barefoot, wearing light blue jeans and a blue buttoned shirt around her waist; her hair is combed back and her makeup is light. 

Anyone who vows that gel nails are durable knows that glossy, solidified nail polish is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it's been shiny and beautiful for weeks, but when you miss your next appointment, your aging color suddenly doesn't look so bright, almost begging you to get rid of it when you're most vulnerable.Fortunately, there is a fashionable trend that can save you money and get you out of the trouble of moving in time. Please see: the next wave of negative space manicure has arrived. 
The recent influx of these minimalist approved nail designs is a simple design between happy marriages, popular Cochella, summer bright Poland, and modern French nails. We're talking about a classic semi-bath, a crescent dive, a sparkling face, and so on. Even better, because they are built on the basis of transparent polishing, the cost of maintenance is very low. 

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Andrea Lipomi likes Halloween. For vivid proof, take a closer look at the complex works of art she has created on canvases that are small enough to fit on your fingertips. 

Riplemi (Lipomi) is at (Fremont St.), 520 Fremont Street. With a soft Spa pavilion, she combines her love of the weirdest holidays with crazy creativity and design skills to create a very meticulous manicure. 

A piece of corn sugar enough to eat, colorful, simple and clear. A detailed, mysterious Frankenstein. Creepy vertical cat eyes. A skeleton, a disturbing pumpkin and a ghost glowing in the dark. There is even an elaborate homage to the horror clown in which a real red balloon rises from the nail mooring place into the air. 

Because of your fingernails, why can't you dress up for Halloween? 

Halloween is a big holiday for Lippmi, a masseuse, aesthetician and manicurist. In 2013, she opened a day spa in downtown Las Vegas.

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